July 26, 2014 Brooklyn for Peace and Fort Greene Peace Vigil at Fowler Square in Fort Greene, Brooklyn

We need to work for peace for the sake of children all over the world!
And what could be more fun than playing for young children?
Gaza Vigil Children 7-26-14
Thanks to Matthew Weinstein for capturing the moment.

The Filthy Rotten System (band) at Ash Wednesday Immigration Detention Center Vigil in New Jersey

As in previous years, The Filthy Rotten System (a Catholic Worker band) provided musical support for a moving all day Ash Wednesday vigil that traveled to detention centers in New Jersey protesting our government’s oppression of immigrants. The day ended at the Elizabeth Detention Center, which is owned and operated by Corrections Corporation of America, a key member of the Prison Industrial Complex. Various New Jersey jails that we demonstrated in front of also make big bucks as contractors to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). A coalition of community and religious groups led by Irate & First Friends sponsored the event. (Photo credit – Irate & First Friends)