The Occuponics have been seen and heard on various TV news reports about Occupy Wall Street (not included on this page), including a BBC World News segment that was broadcast around the world. They have also been heard live from the studio and on recording at WBAI Pacifica Radio in New York City.

The Occuponics have been mentioned, pictured and/or referenced on the following news and information sites, among others:

Wall Street Journal – The only time I am aware of that the Wall Street Journal has quoted an Occupy Wall Street song (and it happens to be one of mine). The quote closes the article.

Democracy Now segment (video podcast) about the Tax Dodgers. Paul is interviewed at the end of the video and his accordion music underscores the piece. Stone Steve pictured on the cover of Rolling Stone playing his guitar in Liberty Square.

Daily Kos article about the July 4, 2012 Guitarmy 99 Mile March from Philadelphia to New York City, with an interview of Paul about the role of music in the Occupy Movement.

The Brooklyn Home Reporter and Sunset News feature article about The Occuponics with interviews of Paul and Steve published on February 20, 2012

CBS Radio Paul quoted on the significance of music in Occupy.

Gothamist Nice picture of the “occupy accordion” with Paul and Steve.

Daily Kos (includes photo of my notorious accordion that was denied entry to Liberty Square on 11/15/2011),-accordions-denied-entrance-to-Zuccotti-Park


Mother Jones Paul with accordion and World Trade Center construction worker at Liberty Square.

The Home News Reporter and Sunset News

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