Peoples’ Music Network is an organization of musicians, performers, songwriters, sound & recording engineers, music lovers, record & concert producers, promoters, archivists, and more using music and culture to promote progressive ideas and values and committed to working with and supporting grassroots and community organizations, to explore and present the diversity of people’s culture.

The Peoples’ Voice Cafe is an alternative coffeehouse offering quality progressive entertainment — usually political music, but also poetry, storytelling, puppetry, dance and theater. Much of the music heard at the Cafe was inspired by the experiences of people fighting for survival and a better life.  On Saturday, October 13, 2012, The Occuponics will be featured along with the Raging Grannies.  Please click on the link below for further information.

Occupella organizes informal public singing at Bay Area occupation sites, marches and at BART stations. They sing to promote peace, justice, and an end to corporate domination, especially in support of the Occupy movement.

Dave Lippman, one of our favorite singer/songwriters, is also an engaging humorist from the school of Mark Twain. He has a huge catalog of biting progressive satirical songs that always entertain and educate.

Painless Parker (a/k/a Noam Berg) is a wonderful musician and songwriter with a keen wit. We are grateful to him for updating the spiritual “Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down” for the OWS era.

Paul Stein’s archaic web site that has not been updated since 2004 due to a technical glitch, but guaranteed to entertain and inform. It has been called “a true gem” by The Vintage Web (

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