September 21, 2014 at The People’s Climate March in New York City

Had a wonderful time playing and singing at the People’s Climate March in NYC. My small Czech Lignatone accordion can be heard above the din of the crowd through a special portable PA system I cobbled together. If you click on the picture, you can see the outlines of the equipment hanging on my sides. For you techies out there: There is a battery-powered (6 double A’s) Roland Micro Cube amplifier on my left hip, a battery-powered (2 double A’s) Galaxy Audio JIB/MM Multi Mixer on my right hip, and one Sennheiser e608 dynamic clip-on microphone on the treble side of the accordion and one on the bass side, each modified with a Sennheiser e908 horn clip and clipped onto a special bracket that I devised. The brackets are attached by velcro to the top of the accordion, so when I play acoustically, I can easily remove them. And the mics can by fed into any PA mixing board through regular XLR mic cables, when I have the luxury of a conventional sound system. Thanks to Resa Del Sol for capturing the moment.Climate March from Resa

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