Upcoming Gig: Occuponics at Peoples’ Voice Cafe, Saturday, Oct. 13th, 8:00 PM.

The Occuponics celebrate Occupy Wall Street's First Birthday, 9/17/2012
The Occuponics on Wall Street, 9/17/2012. Photo credit: Jenn Maskell

The Occuponics, with special guest OccupySaxMan, will be playing at The Peoples’ Voice Cafe on Saturday, October 13th, 2012.

Doors open at 8:00 PM. There is a cover charge but NO ONE WILL BE TURNED AWAY. Also appearing with us will be the Raging Grannies. Please join us for a fun night of social justice-themed musical mayhem. If you’d like to come, please respond on our Facebook Event Page.

The Peoples’ Voice Cafe is located at The Community Church of New York Unitarian Universalist, 40 East 35th St. (between Madison & Park). Take the #6 train to 33rd St.; or the B, D, F, N, Q or R train to 34th Street. The phone number is 212-787-3903.

Tax Dodgers Admitted to Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame

Today’s New York Times reports the fact that the Tax Dodgers – a satirical baseball team often backed up by The Occuponics, has now made the Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame.

This is wonderful news, because everybody associated with this project has worked very hard over the past few months to get the word out about the glories of being super-rich and irresponsible. So let’s give a big huzzah for The Tax Dodgers – the bad guys you love to hate and hate to love!

Here’s a quick clip of our wonderful team performing outside Ann Romney’s birthday party at Trump Tower on April 15th – the Dodgers’ favorite day of the year!

Occupy Wall Street Musicians Support Locked-Out Con Ed Workers

Some of the Occupy Wall Street activists (including our own Paul Stein) formed an ad hoc labor chorus to take part in the July 17th march and rally at Union Square in support of the locked-out Con Ed workers in New York City. Thanks to FreidaPeople Stat for capturing a couple of the songs sung as people left the square. She comments on the large number of police officers hovering around the Occupy chorus. Never underestimate the power of song!

Occupy Guitarmy Prepares To March to NYC

Occupy Guitarmy Squad leader Stephen Carl Baldwin and Paul Stein lead the 99 Mile March in “One Guitar” as they prepare to set out from Philadelphia to New York City on July 5th. The march raised awareness about the range of Occupy Wall Street issues, celebrated the 100th Anniversary of Woody Guthrie’s birth, and advocated for funding music education in the schools, which has been severely cut back in recent years. Steve and Paul took part in the beginning and end of the march and are in awe of those occupiers who marched all seven days.

OccupyPuppets at Occupy Town Square in Staten Island

Great satire by The Occupy Puppets at Occupy Town Square in Staten Island on Saturday, June 16th presenting The Human News. Elliot Crown and Morgan Jenness are the humans helping out our furry friends. The video is by MacDaill For Occupy Earth – www.livestream.com/OccupyEarth OccEarth.com. Paul Stein of The Occuponics spontaneously provided a little (very little) accompaniment.

Occuponics Perform “I Don’t Know But I’ve Been Told” (Animal Rights Version) at National Animal Rights Day

The Occuponics, with Occupy Sax Man and Guitarmy plus OWS Pulse drummers, rocked the 2nd annual National Animal Rights Day gathering in Union Square North on Sunday, June 3, 2012.

In the video below, the band performs a special version of the Occuponics’ “I Don’t Know But I’ve Been Told,” which includes the lyrics: “I don’t know but I can see all God’s creatures want to be free,” and “I don’t know but I think it’s time to protect the planet from corporate crime.”

Thanks to videographer rrrina for getting this performance down on tape!

Occuponics at Union Square North: Dancing In The Rain

The Occuponics – along with The OWS Sax Man, Guitarmy and the OWS Pulse Drum Circle – provided musical support to the second annual Animal Rights Day ceremony in Union Square Park this past Sunday, June 3rd. Toward the end of our concert, it began to rain, but folks kept right on dancing, and this short video captures of the magic of dancing in the rain!

Occupy Guitarmy: 2nd Rehearsal

The Occuponics have been consulting and playing with The Occupy Guitarmy, an open source music collective that allows musicians of all stripes to perform socially conscious songs together.

There is a lot of work that goes into organizing The Guitarmy, but also a lot of fun when we can put down our Word Docs and Spreadsheets and jam together. The following video captures the Guitarmy’s second rehearsal together; the song performed is Florence Reece’s “Which Side Are You On.”

In July, The Occupy Guitarmy will lead a 99-mile musical march between Philadelphia and New York City in solidarity with the Occupy National Gathering. Over at http://occupyguitarmy.tumblr.com, you can learn more about participating in this exciting event.