The Occuponics was a musical collaboration inspired by the energy, experience and values of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement. Founded by musicians Paul Stein on accordion, melodica, and vocals and Stephen Carl Baldwin on guitar and vocals, The Occuponics was inclusive, eclectic, and participatory.  After Steve moved on to other projects, Paul anchored The Occuponics and was joined by other musical agitators.

Starting in mid-October 2011, The Occuponics joined with a wide range of musicians and singers to send a message of change, bring people together, and raise their spirits. From Liberty Plaza (Manhattan) to Foley Square (Manhattan) to Times Square to East New York (Brooklyn) and Fordham Road (the Bronx), from Astoria (Queens) to Staten Island, and even to Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we marched and raised our voices in song, introducing traditional protest music and our own original topical songs and those of sister and brother musicians.

We asked everyone to share the music found here, in person and on Facebook and other social media. The more links we created, the more the music would spread. We invited all who saw us at OWS, at a march, at a rally, or at a demonstration, to join in and become part of the progressive musical collaboration known as The Occuponics. All voices and instruments were welcome and helped the global movement to grow. While the collaboration known as The Occuponics is no more, its spirit lives on in those of us who were touched by it.

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