Occuponics Perform “NYPD: Why Don’t You Party With Me” at Zuccotti Park (AKA LIberty Square)

This video from CocoAndBrownie captures the Occuponics, at Zuccotti Park/AKA LIberty Square, back in March 2012 (a time the mainstream media continues to insist Occupy Wall Street had completely disappeared). As you can see, there were demonstrators there that cold March day.

As I’ve written elsewhere, Occupy never “faded away” at all: it was the media that “faded away” and I’m sure they’re already fading away again, now that May Day is behind us and Snooki’s PR agent is calling them complaining that they’re not paying enough attention to her travails.

“NYPD, Why Don’t You Party With Me” was written by Stephen Carl Baldwin in late 2011 during one of the Occuponics’ freeform jams in Zuccotti Park. The chord progression in this song (G-Em-C-D) is identical to Pete Seeger’s “Where Have All The Flowers Gone” and “If I Had a Hammer,” as well as about a thousand Doo-Wop songs of the late 1950s. The song is intended to serve as a genuinely friendly ode to New York’s Finest, many of whom the songwriter believes sympathize with OWS while being forbidden by departmental protocol to share this opinion. In fact, on at least one occasion this song was greeted with shout-outs from a couple of police officers to “play it again!” At the same time, this song criticizes Mayor Michael Bloomberg for his heavy-handed treatment of Occupy Wall Street, characterizing the Mayor as having “a heart of stone.”

Lyrics to “NYPD, Why Don’t You Party With Me”

Hey Mayor Bloomberg
You saw us camping alone
And so you ruined our home
You’ve got a heart of stone

Hey Mayor Bloomberg
I used to think you were nice
You ain’t fooling us twice
You’ve got a heart of ice

Why don’t you party with me
We all know you’re the best
You’re New York’s finest

Why don’t you party with me
We all know you’re the best
You’re New York’s finest

(repeat entire song once and face out with chorus (NYPD, why don’t you party with me…)

Copyright 2012, Stephen C. Baldwin

With Guest Dave Lippman: “All We Are Saying Is End Corporate Crime”

The Occuponics perform with master parodist Dave Lippman at Zuccotti Park (AKA Liberty Plaza), April, 2011. The work performed is Dave’s parody of John Lennon’s classic “All We Are Saying Is Give Peace a Chance,” a song that became a bona fide anthem of the anti-war movement of the late 1960s that Dave has updated for today’s era.

Occuponics Celebrate Occupy Wall Street 6 Month Anniversary

The Occuponics were on hand this past weekend to provide a musical soundtrack to OWS (Occupy Wall Street)’s 6 Month Anniversary, as shown in the following clips. Additionally, lyrics from The Occuponics’ Paul Stein’s song, “What We Believe Cannot Be Jailed,” were quoted in The Wall Street Journal of Monday in the article by reporters Jessica Ferger and Pervaiz Shallwani.

Occuponics at Liberty Square, 3/16/2012

The Occuponics’ Stephen Carl Baldwin and Paul Stein perform at Liberty Square (AKA Zuccotti Park) on March 16, 2012, participating in COOLS (the Cultural Occupation of Liberty Square), a winter series of lunchtime performances and concerts whose purpose is to demonstrate that Zuccotti Park has not been abandoned and that Occupy Wall Street has not collapsed. Thanks to Robert K. Chin for making this recording. We are always glad to see Robert recording OWS, because he really know what he is doing!

Occuponics: Sixteen Tons

“Sixteen Tons,” a working song written by country great Merle Travis and made a hit by Tennessee Ernie Ford, is a natural candidate for performance in OWS-related events. Here, Stephen C. Baldwin and guest harmonica player Anthony perform the song at Zuccotti Park (AKA Liberty Square) in late 2011.

Don’t Let The Occu-Flu Chill Ya!

Don't Let the Occu-Flu Chill You An unpleasant, debilitating illness beset Occupy Wall Street (OWS) in the early weeks of January, 2012. Protesters returning from Washington DC may have brought the malady north after a mass demonstration there. Because many former Zuccotti Park campers now huddle, wandering nomads, in church shelters where disease easily spreads, an outbreak of what is being called the “Occu-Flu” has presented itself as the latest obstacle to OWS. Symptoms are centered in the stomach and this aggressive occupying microbe will seek out every available haven in the body.

The Occuponics recorded this brief Get Well ditty to express all those affected by the dreaded Occu-Flu.

The Occu-Flu By The Occuponics by Stephen Carl Baldwin


Don’t let the Occu-Flu go chill ya
Cause the Occu-Flu can kill ya
You know the germ don’t give a damn about me and you
So if you go down to Zuccotti
Better take care of your body
We’ve got a long long way to go before we’re through
Don’t let the Occu-Flu go chill ya
Cause the Occu-Flu can kill ya
Don’t let the Occu-Flu go chill ya
Cause the Occu-Flu can kill ya

The Occupy Wall Street Song by Paul Stein, Accordionist, Oct 23, 2011

The Occuponics perform Paul Stein’s Occupy Wall Street Song on October, 23rd, 2011, at Zuccotti Park, AKA Liberty Square. This recording was made several weeks before police raided the encampment, and one can get a good idea of how the camp looked in its prime, and sense the wonderful energy that was present in the place.

Occuponics Jam With Brian Eno and Laurie Anderson at Occupy Wall Street

The Occuponics greatly enjoyed the chance to jam with Brian Eno and Laurie Anderson at Liberty Square (AKA Zuccotti Park) on the afternoon of November 16, 2011, as crowds gathered attempting to re-enter Zuccotti Park after police and municipal authorities evicted protesters from the area. Brian and Laurie are two of our heroes.

There’s a video interview with Brian and Laurie that was recorded that same day; you can view it here:

Additionally, an audio interview with Brian and Laurie can be listened to at the site of Miss Ntertainment: http://missntertainment.com/2011/11/15/brian-eno-and-laurie-anderson-at-occupywallstreet/