Spirited Rally at Walmart in Secaucus, New Jersey on Black Friday

Spirited rally at Walmart in Secaucus, New Jersey on Black Friday with Occupy Guitarmy, the Rude Mechanical Orchestra, 99 Picket Lines, unions, and many others. Morgan Jenness led the singing of my new song “Walmart Farewell” (lyrics below). Thanks to Stacy Lanyon for the photo.

Walmart Farewell   Lyrics by Paul Stein
(to the tune of “Jamaica Farewell”, C-F-G7 chords)

And we’re sad to say the Walmart way
Is poor health benefits, a tough work day.
When they’re around, they drive all wages down,
And push mom and pop shops out of town.

Part time workers’ pay is low,
Can’t support their families on hours they get.
They survive on a Walmart wage using
Medicaid and food stamps from the safety net. (Chorus)

Walmart workers are sped up,
With their schedules set at the boss’s whim.
Health and safety are ignored
To increase the profits coming in. (Chorus)

Union busting is disgusting,
And Walmart does it every day.
Intimidation and termination
Are illegal but they do it anyway. (Chorus)

Racism rears its ugly head
In Walmart stores from coast to coast.
They settle suits as best they can,
‘Cause if they went to trial they would be toast. (Chorus)

Women get a lousy deal.
Their pay and promotions lag behind.
Walmart culture favors men.
In most corporate suites that’s who you’ll find. (Chorus)

Global warming keeps on growing
And causes climate change and disaster.
Giant Walmart’s business model
Produces global warming faster. (Chorus)

Walmart’s size puts it in control
Of suppliers from Haiti to Pakistan.
Screwing workers there raises Walmart’s profits.
It’s a part of their business plan. (Chorus)

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