Earth Day “This Land is Your Land” Sing Out in San Francisco

This past Earth Day, West Coast musicians including Occupella, Hali Hammer, Country Joe McDonald, the Freedom Song Network, and many others joined to sing Woody Guthrie’s classic “This Land is Your Land.” This song is also featured prominently in the repertoire of The Occuponics and The Guitarmy.

Hali Hammer is also working on editing a video that will capture the nationwide performance of this song on that day. The Occuponics took part in that outdoor event and successfully played even while being buffeted by a Major Northeaster, and we’ll post video of this performance (the Occupy/Ocupemos Sunset Park Sing Out for Earth Day) soon.

A Shout-Out For Occupella, the Bay Area’s Social Justice Band

Occupella formed in late 2011 to add musical support to the Occupy Wall Street movement in the greater Bay Area. The Occuponics salute them and include this video showing the band in action. We fully agree with co-founder Bonnie Lockhart’s comment that the purpose of a musical group in a social movement context “isn’t going to be performing, it’s going to be about getting people to sing.”

More on Occupella at The Huffington Post:

From Singing Occupella: 99% Vocalize Their Demands in San Francisco

Nice article over at about Occupella, a Bay Area-based musical project which performs Occupy Wall Street-themed works. in a way conducive to public sing alongs. Occupella (whose site is at, was founded by Bonnie Lockhart, along with longtime activists Hali Hammer, Betsy Rose and Nancy Schimmel.