Tax Dodgers Video: Segments 2 and 3

In this third segment of “Voice of Art – The Tax Dodgers”, you can see how the game is played and hear the musical accompaniment of The Occuponics. Check it out!

In this second segment of “Voice of Art – The Tax Dodgers”, Wall Street’s least favorite baseball team “The Tax Dodgers” prepare their performance tactics for a big upcoming game. Citizens for Tax Justice illustrate the problem of corporate tax dodging, a former police captain fights against “corporate sociopaths,” and The Yes Men and Common Cause detail the corporate hijacking of the US political system through devious means.

Video: The Tax Dodgers, Part 1

Gan Golan, street theater artist and co-author of best-sellers “Goodnight Bush” and “The Adventures of Unemployed Man,” leads a mock baseball team called “The Tax Dodgers.” Golan’s guerrilla art tactics developed through his student-activist years at MIT, battling the World Trade Organization in Cancun, Mexico, and eventually taking on powerful corporations alongside Occupy Wall Street.  The Occuponics are the house band for The Tax Dodgers.  This is the first of four segments of this informative and entertaining video.

Tax Dodgers Admitted to Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame

Today’s New York Times reports the fact that the Tax Dodgers – a satirical baseball team often backed up by The Occuponics, has now made the Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame.

This is wonderful news, because everybody associated with this project has worked very hard over the past few months to get the word out about the glories of being super-rich and irresponsible. So let’s give a big huzzah for The Tax Dodgers – the bad guys you love to hate and hate to love!

Here’s a quick clip of our wonderful team performing outside Ann Romney’s birthday party at Trump Tower on April 15th – the Dodgers’ favorite day of the year!

Tax Dodgers With Danny Schecter – The News Dissector, on PRN (Progressive Radio Network)

The Tax Dodgers – a satirical baseball team that The Occuponics often accompany when they stroll and sing the “Tax Dodger Song,” were on the radio recently with Danny Schecter, the News Dissector. Here they are on the radio: this show was broadcast on PRN (the Progressive Radio Network) on April 27, 2012.

Link to page on PRN:

Tax Dodgers on Amy Goodman’s “Democracy Now”

The Occuponics’ Paul Stein was on hand this past Tuesday to provide musical accompaniment for The Tax Dodgers as they strolled around town in support of the May Day protests in New York City. At Union Square, the Dodgers were approached by Amy Goodman, of Democracy Now, and had a chance to be interviewed and perform their original song, “Take Me Out to the Tax Game.” This is the complete (slightly edited) interview of the Tax Dodgers (and of The Occuponics briefly at the end) with a transcript. Part of this interview and the complete “Take Me Out to the Tax Game” found here was a segment of the national broadcast of Democracy Now on May 2, 2012.

Also, you can find the complete May 2nd Democracy Now news broadcast on Democracy Now’s servers, along with a transcript:

The Tax Dodgers, Backed Up By The Occuponics, Visit GE (30 Rock) with The Illuminator

The Tax Dodgers visit GE (30 Rock) with The Illuminator from Adventure Pants on Vimeo.

Another fun video recording of the Tax Dodgers’ late-night visit to Rockefeller Center, home of GE, NBC, and MSNBC. This video, shot by the Adventure Pants production company, is very nicely produced, and features The Dodgers, The Occuponics, and the famous Illuminator truck, a high-tech vehicle that projects images on iconic buildings — in this case, Radio Music Hall.

Occuponics and Tax Dodgers Go To Bat For One Percent

The Occuponics and The Tax Dodgers spent a day serenading the public on Federal Tax Day, April 17, 2012. Here’s a video of the team singing outside Trump Tower, where Donald Trump, one of our heroes, is hosting a birthday celebration for the lovely and talented Ann Romney. After this, the Dodgers and the Occuponics headed downtown, making multiple stops at the sites of corporations that refuse to pay their fair share of the tax burden.

Occuponics Team Up With Tax Dodgers



The Occuponics are honored to be the house band for The Tax Dodgers. The team was in Central Park this past Saturday warming up for the big game on Tax Day. Here’s a rousing performance of “Take Me Out to the Tax Game”. Thanks, RK Chin and Jennifer Maskell, for shooting these videos. And thanks to the OWS Drum Circle for providing a steady beat!