April 27, 2014, El Día de los Niños Celebration at St. Jacobi Lutheran Church in Sunset Park, Brooklyn

About 20 or 25 children and I kept quite busy with musical chairs, the hokey pokey, and smashing the piñata (look up to see 1 of the 2 colorful piñatas) among other activities. Children and parents who were not playing a game enthusiastically accompanied the accordion on rhythm instruments. A good time was had by all. Thanks to Juan Carlos Ruiz for the photo.
4-27-14 at St. Jacobi Lutheran

This Land Is Your Land/Sing Out For Earth Day

This video captures our spirited sing out on April 22, 2012, a rainy Earth Day in Brooklyn, when people gathered around the country (and abroad) to sing This Land Is Your Land at the same time as part of Sing Out for Earth Day (organized by Hali Hammer of Occupella).  Our intrepid group from Occupy/Ocupemos Sunset Park joyously sings in Mandarin, Spanish, and English in our beautiful park.  Both The Occuponics and The Filthy Rotten System (the Catholic Worker band) braved the wind and rain along with Sunset Park occupiers.

This second video is the wonderful Sing Out for Earth Day compilation that captures groups of people singing This Land Is Your Land in dozens of locations throughout the US and overseas. It was exciting and uplifting to be part of it!

Occuponics and OSP (Occupy Sunset Park) Celebrate Martin Luther King’s Birthday

The Occuponics perform at Martin Luther King 83rd Birthday Celebration, Sunset Park, Brooklyn, January 17, 2012.
Photo Credit: Brooklyn Media Group/Heather Chin

The Occuponics were glad to play in Brooklyn at the 83rd anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday on January 16, 2012. This event was part of Occupy Sunset Park (OSP), and involved a march up Fourth Avenue. You can read more about this event on the site of the Home Reporter and Sunset News.