Saturday, October 11, 2014, the Filthy Rotten System at the Peoples’ Voice Cafe in Manhattan

The Filthy Rotten System had a great time with a large, enthusiastic audience at the Peoples’ Voice Cafe and were fortunate to share the evening with talented Michigan singer/songwriter Steve Deasy. We are leader Bud Courtney on rhythm guitar, banjo and vocals, Jim Reagan on rhythm guitar and vocals, Jeff Schneider on lead guitar, Anthony Donovan on harmonica and vocals, Ray Todd on trombone, Brian Hynes on bass guitar, Jack Courtney on drums, and Paul Stein on accordion. Unfortunately, Jack Courtney and Ray Todd are obscured in this view.FRS PVC 10-11-14Photo by Dennis Flores

Peoples’ Voice Cafe Tribute to Pete Seeger on April 12, 2014

One of the more endearing performances (SPOILER ALERT – the young daughter of the singer Joel Landy with another young friend steal the show, but he still manages to do a rousing job) at the Peoples’ Voice Cafe Pete Seeger tribute sing-along this past Saturday night. It was a wonderful evening with many great folk/protest singers on stage and over 200 people joining in. Margaret Pinskiy and I mixed and miked the show.

The Occuponics Rocking Out on “Frack You” (parody of Cee Lo Green hit “F**k You”) at the People’s Voice Cafe in Manhattan – October 13, 2012

Lauren DiGioia on vocals, Stephen Carl Baldwin on guitar and backing vocals, the Occupy Sax Man on tenor sax, Elena Schwolsky on tambourine, and Paul Stein on accordion.  I didn’t discover this cell phone video on YouTube until long after the event.  Thanks to “allstr33ts” for the video.