December 19, 2014 at NYC Friends of Clearwater Holiday Party and New York State Fracking Ban Celebration

Friends of the Clearwater Landy 111914Friends of Clearwater 121914 group
Friday in Manhattan at the NYC Friends of Clearwater holiday party and celebration of fracking ban in New York, with a great group of activists and activist musicians. I played and sang my “Bah Humbug Polka” and “Chokehold” as part of a musical round robin. While folks were cleaning up the room, I played a selection of Christmas and Chanukah songs with a smattering of fun dances (e.g., polka, tango, hokey pokey). Thanks to Joel Landy for capturing the moment.

The Occuponics Rocking Out on “Frack You” (parody of Cee Lo Green hit “F**k You”) at the People’s Voice Cafe in Manhattan – October 13, 2012

Lauren DiGioia on vocals, Stephen Carl Baldwin on guitar and backing vocals, the Occupy Sax Man on tenor sax, Elena Schwolsky on tambourine, and Paul Stein on accordion.  I didn’t discover this cell phone video on YouTube until long after the event.  Thanks to “allstr33ts” for the video.